The current pantheon of gods is the only one that most believe in, but there are some that still believe in the elder gods. The elder gods are said to be the ones that created the new gods because it became too much for them to care for all living creatures as well as some undead ones. There was only 5 elder gods and they were dragons. It’s believed that the dragon war was started by at least one of them if not more. Rumor has it that they think dragons should be the master race since they claim to be the creators of all.

Zelid: eldest of the 5, the most compassionate and comprehending of them all. Wants to end the war and live in coexistence with every creature in the world.

Voarex: second oldest, complete opposite of Zelid. Absolutely evil, also known as the harbinger of death, he thrives on chaos, death and destruction. There are still cults that are devoted to his following. Priests of his cult must first kill their entire family to prove they are true followers.

Durkolat: she is the youngest. She has been opposed to Voarex from the beginning. She believes like Zelid does that coexistence is possible.
She is also mated to Zelid and Bahamut is their offspring.

Treoris: the most powerful of them. He’s the only one that Voarex was afraid of. It’s believed that Voarex aligned himself with some foul wizards and found a way to bind Treoris in a deep slumber that he hasn’t been able to wake from. It’s thought that if he were to awaken he could end the war. There have been rumors that some clerics, Druids and monks have been having dreams about him starting to wake.

Ballax: he’s the only one that agrees with Voarex. He favours the undead. It’s believed that he’s behind all the undead that have been roaming the realm since the war started.


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