The blackwater company

The hunt continues

After several nights of revelries our heroes are summoned to the caves in he Ash’Kalo mountains. There they find out that the people of Belus have been able to make an opening thru the debris and it leads to a tunnel. The tunnel slopes upward towards the top of the mountain. They notice that there are rooms lining the entire way but as they climb the rooms become fewer but they also become larger. As they get closer to the top they can hear screaming and chanting. As they get to the top they enter a massive room that leads to outside at the top of the mountain. In the centre of the room there is an altar that is dripping in blood, standing in front if it is Belgeon and he is ripping the heart out of a victim and throwing it into a brazier. There is a pile of bodies in the corner of the room and they have all had their hearts cut out, they all appear to be the people that Belgeon was recruiting to start his own assassins guild. Obviously that was not the case. As he thru the last heart in the brazier a massive storm cloud moved to the mountain and lightning erupted from it and came into the room striking Belgeon. The lightning repeatedly struck a pendant that he was wearing, he was lifted into the air and rotated for several minutes as the storm raged into him. When it was done Belgeon was no longer the same, the pendant radiated a black aura, his eyes were like onyx and his voice sounded different. As he touched the amulet, the ghosts of the recent victims emerged and attacked the group. At the same time a massive red dragon landed on the outside of the room and Belgeon climbed onto it and flew away. As the battle raged on the mountain started to come apart, it used to be an active volcano and it was erupting again. As the battle rages on our intrepid heroes have to avoid falling into the chasms that are opening up all over the floor with lava flowing out of them. It was a close call for a while, the entire group of city guard that had come up we’re killed but the black water company managed to win the battle and escape the room just as it fully erupted. When they made they’re way down the mountain they realized that the town of Belus was almost fully destroyed by the lava flow. They took it upon them selfs to escort the survivors to another town. After that they made their way to the nearby town of Kyndale to gather info as to what just happened. On the way they were ambushed by a group of shahugin, there never was any doubt as to the outcome of this encounter. When they arrived in Kyndale they made their way to the town library, which used to be a castle. There they were told of an unusual uprising in the graveyard and that if they could solve the problem they would be granted access to the entire library including the restricted section. When they got to the graveyard, they noticed that it was completely surrounded by city guard. The captain of the guard told them that they had already lost a group of guardsmen to the undead in the yard. Once inside they were faced by several skeletons and a skull lord. Luke destroyed the skull lord singlehandedly, while the party took care of the rest. The city guard were speechless as to the martial prowess of the black water company, once again adding to the mystic of this group of mercenaries. When they returned to the library, they explained that they were looking for info about the amulet that Belgeon was wearing. The librarian actually pissed himself when he heard what they were looking and told the group that Belgeon has become the high priest of Voerax and that he is basically an avatar of a god now.

The hunt for Belgeon Greensleeves

August 31st 2013

While meeting with Carsaadi Gellantra, the leader of the Blackwater company, the mercenary’s were given a new mission. They have been tasked with finding Belgeon Greensleeves, a drow assassin who used to be a member of the company. It is believed that he has gone rogue. Carsaadi tells them that there is a Dwarf named Davkas who owns a tavern named The Anvil in the town of Astin Springs, he has been an informant for the company and might have some information as to where Belgeon is now. Arrangements have been made with the captain of a merchant vessel named the Silanda to give them passage to Astin Springs.

The Silanda

Most of our heroes did well with sea travel, except Luke, he was sea sick for most of the voyage. On the third night the Silanda came under attack by a pirate vessel. The pirates rammed the side of the Silanda and broke all the oars on one side of her. The captain told our heroes that they would be on their own to fight off the pirates since him and the crew had to go below decks and fix a leak that was caused by the ramming. The pirates boarded the ship, the battle was fierce and fast. Kidney the monk came close to dying in the opening moments of the fight but he redeemed himself later. As Luke, Lilly and Kidney battled the pirates, Stan took on the pirate captain. Stan proved himself to be able to do more then just blow up houses. He blasted the captain over the side of his own ship, the captain was instantly devoured by ravenous sharks. As the battle progressed two more pirates came on deck and seeing that they’re entire crew save one had been killed, they cut the ropes that were holding the 2 ships together and ran away leaving the lone remaining pirate trapped on board the Silanda. Our heroes finished him off quickly. Once the Silanda was fixed they resumed the trip to Astin Springs.

Astin Springs

Our heroes made their way to the Anvil without any problems. Once inside, Luke noticed several Dwarfs drinking and fighting in the corner and he eagerly joined in the fun, leaving the rest of the group to speak with Davkas. He seemed very nervous and told them to get a room and he would come see them later. When he came to see them, he informed them that Belgeon had been here several months ago and seemed to have started a guild war with assassins guild, rumor had it that he was recruiting his own assassins to start his own guild. Lilly asked him if he could set up a meeting with some members of the guild to see if they had more info to help them find Belgeon. Davkas told them that Belgeon was last seen in some caves near the town of Belus. Luke and Kidney decided to see if they could make contact with the assassins themselves. They went out into the night and quickly found an inept thief who directed them to the rooftops where the assassins could be found. While meeting with them they found out that Davkas appears to be working for Belgeon. After reporting all of this to Lilly, they decided to make their way to Belus. On the road to Belus, they were attacked by a group of Orcs. The Orcs never stood a chance against our heroes, Luke and Lilly showed that together they are nearly impossible to defeat, Kidney showed why monks are feared, with nothing but his hands and feet he singlehandedly killed several Orcs, and Stan once again used different types of magic creations of his making to blast and turn the Orcs against each other.


In Belus they found out that there are some caves in he Ash’Kalo mountains that have had some suspicious activity lately, they were also warned that the town had been harassed by a dragon lately. The party med it’s way the mountain where they found the entrance to the caves. On the outside of the cave they noticed 2 glyphs carved into the rock, the newer of hem was the sign of Belgeon the other was an old glyph that marked a temple of Voarex, the evil dragon god. Inside in the first room they entered, they found several dead assassins that all had Belgeon’s mark on then, they were also attacked by a pair of Kobolds. In the hallway outside the room, Luke and Kidney were also attacked by a pair of kobolds, all we’re defeated quickly. As they progressed further into to the cave they heard some laughing. Inside a larger cave they saw Belgeon and he was laughing at them and said they would need to do better to catch him and then the entrance to the cave went black. Our heroes rushed in only to find themselves Ina trap. Belgeon had retreated to the back of the cave and escape by collapsing the rear entrance after he went thru. The group was now faced by a young grey dragon and several kobolds. There were also several more dead bodies like in the other room. There was an old altar, that was covered in old and new blood, it was a sacrificial alter to Voarex. Our heroes attacked the dragon and its minions. Stan was immobilized just outside of the cave by the dragons breath weapon, and Lilly was immobilized inside, both were still able to attack. Stan managed to turn one of the kobolds against the dragon, it attacked and the dragon attacked it in turn and killed it. Meanwhile Luke showed why he is feared by some as he stood toe to claw with dragon and relentlessly tore it to pieces. Kidney took care of the kobolds and then the dragon as well. Luke showed his disregard for his own safety by telling Stan to go ahead and use his magic against he dragon even though he would get caught in it. After killing the dragon and taking its hoard, they cut off his head and brought it back to Belus to show the people of the town that they had nothing to fear from this dragon again. They were welcomed as heroes and were told that they would always be welcome here.
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